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 Saturday September 25, 2021

Privacy/Corporate Compliance

How We Can Help

HTA has established strategic corporate alliances to form a world-class consulting team that is focused on assisting your organization with the assessment, training, and implementation of the solutions required to establish a premier Corporate Compliance Program. This alliance was established to acknowledge the three facets of compliance (technology, operations and legal). This integrated approach will provide your organization with the key benefits of an end-to-end solution.

HTA helps your organization implement a strategic and cost-effective plan for the following:

Enforcement – we help you create policy for internal mechanisms for assuring compliance, recourse for individuals whose privacy is breached, and consequences for the company breaching the principle.

Notice – we help you create procedures for informing your customers before using their information for a purpose other than originally intended or before disclosing their information.

Access – we provide solutions for your customers to access their personal information held by your organization as well as the ability to correct, amend, block, or delete it.

Security – we provide you with technical, administrative and physical solutions to protect against loss, misuse or unauthorized access to the data.

Data Integrity – we help you ensure the personal information you’ve captured will be relevant to the purpose for which it is used. HTA alliance members have extensive local and international experience in providing privacy consulting services to both private and public sector organizations spanning various industries. Our members are internationally known for their commitment to promoting good privacy practice and have highly recognized legal and technical expertise, which can provide high quality service, and privacy expertise to organizations that operate locally or globally across the Americas, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

A significant feature of our business model is that it allows clients of HTA to:

*Be protected by attorney-client privilege. This approach will minimize public disclosure of any regulatory risks uncovered by your compliance readiness services.

*Allow you to depend upon your consultant when you need them most. HTA can serve as your “expert witnesses” without the concern for “conflict of interest".

Privacy needs to be addressed by all types of business however regulated.

If you wish to contact our specialists, please contact us.