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 Monday January 24, 2022

Cyber Security Assessment Services

Cyber Security Program Review

An affective cyber security program provides assurance to management, staff and clients that information processed throughout your organization’s information infrastructure is handled with the utmost concern for confidentiality, integrity and availability. HTA’s Cyber Security Program Review, utilizing industry and government best practices (such as NIST and ISO 17799), provides an in-depth assessment of your organization’s current Cyber Security Program and presents your organization’s operational risk and mitigation recommendations to reduce the risk to a manageable level.

Technical Security Assessments

Vulnerability Assessment (Blue Team)

An HTA Vulnerability Assessment will provide your organization with a well-developed matrix of your system and application vulnerabilities and remediation recommendations to solve your cyber security needs. The Vulnerability Assessment evaluates the current organizational security policies and levels of compliance, develops a complete picture of the security infrastructure of your network, determines security vulnerabilities that may be exploited, and provides recommended corrective actions that will greatly reduce your system security risks. HTA’s deliverables provide you with sufficient information to implement effective security countermeasures to existing vulnerabilities and reduce risks to your business operations.

Penetration Testing (Red Team)

Network Penetration
HTA’s Network Penetration Test offers a comprehensive examination of your organization’s network security, from either a “Hackers” and/or an “insider threat” perspective. HTA determines your organization’s network susceptibility to compromise, identifies and ranks security vulnerabilities, provides detailed remedial measures to correct deficiencies, and makes policy recommendations in order to facilitate long-term compliance. HTA’s Network Penetration Test also affords proof of due diligence efforts to protect organizational assets and resources.

Telecommunication Penetration
Protecting the communications assets associated with an organization’s PBX system should be a high priority. However, very few organizations understand the vulnerabilities associated with their PBX systems until after they have been compromised, either through toll fraud or a network security breach. Many organizations overlook the real threat that their voice mail system may be compromised by a malicious outsider allowing unauthorized individuals to monitor sensitive communications between employees and set up voicemail boxes for social engineering purposes or in order to use company resources to conduct criminal activity. HTA’s Telecommunication Penetration Test provides a level of assurance on your PBX system’s susceptibility to compromise.