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 Monday January 24, 2022

Cyber Security, Incident Response, Computer Forensics, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Incident Response

HTA offers its Incident Response services to provide a customized and effective response to security breaches of your corporate network. To successfully manage attacks, an organization must develop an effective incident response program. Failure to develop an effective incident response system may amplify the problem, as ill-considered decisions are made and reckless actions taken, potentially placing the company in further financial and legal peril, and producing negative publicity.

HTA’s Incident Response Services will provide your organization with a process to respond and recover from an intrusion that may affect your business operations. The HTA methodology allows our security consultants to approach and investigate your organization’s incidents rationally and expeditiously, and thoroughly while establishing a protocol by which electronic evidence (physical and logical) is gathered and handled in order to reduce the potential for this evidence to be corrupted or tainted. HTA will also ensure that damage to your system is contained and that your business processes and operations are fully restored.

Computer Forensics

Digital evidence is becoming more and more critical to all types of litigation cases. Whatever the category or type, civil or criminal, computer technology is often involved. Today, lawyers, law enforcement professionals and other litigants must recognize the value of electronic evidence. The evidence and "paper" trail found within storage media can make or break a case. HTA’s Computer Forensics Services can help you secure that evidence.

HTA’s computer forensics specialists have skills in all types of media and software, which allows us to expertly examine a large number of computer platforms to locate and recover all the information you need. Our experience in computer forensics specialists also allows us to provide you with thorough, tightly controlled and fully documented examinations of your computer media. Our computer forensics specialists can offer expert witness testimony to verify data recovery efforts and methods that will stand up in any court.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning are fundamental to the well being of an organization. Clearly, they are intended to ensure continuity in the face of unforeseen circumstances. Planning for these situations is not always straightforward of course, and neither is identifying suitable sources of information, services and products. The requisite planning tasks themselves can also be challenging.... none more so than the building of the plan itself. HTA can help your organization construct a complete, workable contingency and disaster recovery plan to serve you in case of disaster or business disruption.

To ensure you're fully prepared, HTA can also help plan and test your organization’s BCP/DR in a periodic basis. Periodic BCP/DR testing affords proof of due diligence efforts to protect organizational assets and resources.