About Us

Harrington Technology & Associates, Inc. d/b/a HTA Technology Security Consulting is a national professional services firm providing clients with expertise in the critical areas of Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Planning and Design, with a specialized focus on Assessment & Authorization (A&A), Testing, IV & V, Cloud, Network and Security Engineering, Vulnerability Assessments, and Penetration studies. Our customers recognize us as “Force Multipliers.”

Our People

We have well-developed consultancy skills acquired while working with leading companies in the U.S. Many of our consultants provide services to U.S. Government Intelligence and Defense Agencies and hold Top Secret (TS) and Secret (S) Clearance. This expertise demonstrates our ability to build a long and lasting support service role as sub-contracting/project support or as a primary contractor.

Our Difference

HTA has a superior reputation in providing complete life-cycle cybersecurity services based on people, processes, and technology. HTA has delivered proven results to many agencies such as DHS, CBP, SSA, DoD, DISA, DSS, DoS, DIA Counterintelligence Field Activity, ODNI, and the DoJ. Our experience is derived from the combined resources of the company founders and their predecessor company experience. Typically, we work with engineers, technologists, and senior managers to help their enterprises benefit from changing market forces, environmental initiatives, and technological development.

The assessment teams are made up of security and infrastructure team members with experience in financial, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and at all levels of government. This expertise allows us to leverage standards-based cybersecurity methodology assessments, network design, corporate compliance privacy, infrastructure services, implementation, remediation, and recommendations. Our difference comes through in the unsurpassed level of expertise we have in complex technologies and methodologies, and our ability to transfer that information to our clients on every engagement.

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