Education & Awareness Training

Cybersecurity Training and Awareness Services
Cybersecurity Training is your organization’s primary mechanism for educating your personnel about organizational policy, standards, and procedures. Outlining employee security responsibilities and teaching proper security practices also increases individual accountability. Without awareness or understanding of the purposes of basic security measures, employees can claim ignorance for violating policies, standards, or procedures, frustrating the ambitions of reprimand. Training will also provide management with evidence of due diligence to protect your organization’s information assets and network resources.

HTA Cybersecurity Training and Awareness services can play a valuable role in protecting your organization’s system resources and information. It explains organizational policies, why they were adopted, and teaches specific skills necessary to implement them. HTA’s Cybersecurity Training and Awareness services also ensure accountability of your organization’s employees and provide due diligence to your Cybersecurity Program. HTA provides the following specialized cybersecurity training and awareness courses:

  • Security Manager Training
    • Corporate Security Officer
    • Information Systems Security Managers (ISSM)
    • Information Systems Security Officers (ISSO)
  • Privileged User Training
  • User Security Training
  • Role-based Training
  • Enterprise Awareness
  • Web Enabled Training
  • Video Training Resources
  • Executive Briefings
  • Administrative Training

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