Information Technology

Network Design and Engineering

Our Network Design and Engineering solutions focus on delivering end-to-end IT needs. This includes defining requirements for priority, network capacity and density, features and functionality, high availability and reliability, quality, traffic intensity, network security, and application. By applying the above concepts and methodology to our service offerings, HTA delivers LAN, WAN, VPN, and Disaster Recovery network strategy with a holistic approach.

Network Baseline and Assessment

A Network Baseline provides an understanding of the current network operation status. Within a Baseline report, companies obtain an insight to the traffic flow and pattern, peak, congestions, and idle connections. This is the baseline information, combines with Network Management and monitoring, provides network trending analysis and alert.

Network Implementation

HTA’s Network Implementation services provide complete hardware/software installation, configuration, testing, and integration expertise. We have experience in implementing any LAN, WAN, or VPN network for our clients. Upon completion of the installation and configuration, we will test and verify that the installation was successful, as well as performing as designed. We strongly believe in client knowledge transfer. We can train your staff to properly operate and manage your network.

Network Convergence (Voice Over IP)

The fundamental concept of Network Convergence is to leverage the investment of the existing network infrastructure for company-wide voice and video usage. Traditionally, companies have had a separate voice and video service provider to accommodate their voice and video needs. This environment can cost upwards of millions each year. With our Network Convergence solution, HTA can help your company consolidate the data, voice, and video need by properly engineering your existing network infrastructure.

Network Management

Most company’s business operations never sleep, neither do their networks. In order to keep a network running 24x7x365, you need to manage the network proactively to monitor all network circuits and devices. We can proactively monitor your systems health; implement alert and escalation procedures in the event of a system malfunction, as well as develop change management processes to minimize the outage and impact. Our solutions can offer periodic data gathering for network analysis and trending. We offer System Integration & Engineering Support, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM), Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and Network Engineering & Monitoring.

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