Privacy/Corporate Compliance

Opportunity exists for companies to differentiate themselves competitively in a global economy by improving privacy practices. Privacy protection is a significant business issue in today’s information economy. It is also a strategic necessity for today’s businesses to find acceptable solutions to address the privacy requirements of their customers. Although companies doing business internationally must pay particular attention to the privacy requirements in the places they do business, many U.S. multinational corporations have made little progress in adopting and implementing minimum worldwide standards for ensuring the privacy of individuals’ data.

Organizations without adequate privacy or data protection practices face a number of challenges. Some contributing factors are:

Gramm Leach Bliley (GLBA) Financial Services Modernization Act –allows affiliation of banking, insurance, and security firms

Politics – Politicians are consumer privacy advocates = Votes

Misuses of consumer information – selling names and address lists by banks, dot coms, etc.

Emergence of internet and global connection of consumers

Technologies enabling collection and aggregation of information to establish consumer purchasing, demographic, and financial profiles

U.S. sectoral approach to privacy laws (federal, industry, state, internet) versus European omnibus approach

How We Can Help

Cybersecurity and IT leaders who realize their data entrusted to them often remain vulnerable and seek proven and knowledgeable resources that can serve as “Force Multipliers.”  HTA Technology Security Consulting is the go-to for updated strategy or reconfiguring your policy, process, and procedures that will inevitably improve your overall effectiveness, results and significantly reduce your national security risks.

HTA helps your organization implement a strategic and cost-effective plan for the following:


we help you create policy for internal mechanisms for assuring compliance, recourse for the individuals whose privacy has been breached, and consequences for the company breaching the principle.


we help you create procedures for informing your customers before using their information for a purpose other than originally intended or before disclosing their information.


we provide solutions for your customers to access their personal information held by your organization, as well as the ability to correct, amend, block, or delete it.


we provide technical, administrative, and physical solutions to protect against loss, misuse, or unauthorized access to the data.

Data Integrity

we help you ensure the personal information you’ve captured will be relevant to the purpose for which it is used. HTA has extensive local and international experience providing privacy consulting services to private and public sector organizations spanning various industries. We are known for our commitment to promoting good privacy practices and have highly recognized technical expertise, providing high-quality service and privacy expertise to organizations that operate across America.

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