Culture and Values

Describing “cultural fit” in any organization is complex, and that’s because every individual is different. HTA’s culture mirrors that of technology – quick-moving, ever-changing, and exciting. While we recognize employees drive the success of HTA by consistently putting into action the company’s values: customer focus, excellence, respect, accountability, teamwork, integrity, professionalism, very open communication, and enjoying work, we still strive to create an environment that fosters innovation at all levels of the company.

Culture and collaboration are crucial elements of helping to protect businesses, governments, and society against cyber threats.  HTA believes in building inclusive and diverse teams to think smarter.  We believe that Inclusivity and Diversity of thoughts and ideas breed creativity and innovation. Building cybersecurity teams of people from different backgrounds brings different voices to the table – and can improve defenses.  HTA improves diversity in the cybersecurity industry by hiring people from different backgrounds who can help enhance online defenses for everyone because it will enable information security teams to think about – and defend against – concepts and attack techniques they may not have considered before.  We also believe our most vital asset is our people.

We’re aspiring to be a growth company, and growth companies are exciting places to work – full of professional and personal development opportunities. We work hard to nurture the entrepreneurial yet sophisticated spirit of HTA’s people. We don’t encourage people to get comfortable, and we encourage them to stretch past their comfort zones to help us achieve the high aspirations we have set for ourselves. We realize that choosing the right employee is critically essential to our continued success.

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