Database Management

Database Design & Architecture
While we are a small company, we consider the requirements of the organization within every project. Specifically, each data focused effort considers the impact on all relevant and related data sources and recipients in order to prevent continued data conflict. All projects begin with an initial assessment of the current environment as a means to scope the effort and develope a customized detailed database development plan.

This plan then serves as the detailed agreement between the client and Database Development Services in that it itemizes all project tasks, assigned resources and timeframes, and resulting deliverables. Using the best technologies and a significant amount of experience we will build a database through the full cycle of development.

Solid database architectural services include:

  • The guided design, testing, and implementation phases of development
  • Rollout planning and assistance
  • Full documentation of design, techniques, and technologies used
Database Security
Analyze and collect information on your existing database, provide recommendations, or apply appropriate configuration change to ensure the highest degree of security.
Database Backup & Recovery
Perform database backup and ensure that each backup is valid and available for restore by checking for database consistency to ensure the highest levels of availability, scalability, and reliability for database environments in the event of a disaster or server outages.
Database Monitoring
Monitor critical database operational functions and statistics on a timely basis to help ensure system availability and trouble-free operation.

Monitor performance measurements such as memory caching rates, checkpoint frequency and duration, and database write activity. Disk utilization will be analyzed for I/O balancing as well as to detect table and index fragmentation. A review of logical log backup and archive procedures will be performed to ensure recoverability in the event of a system failure.

Database Recommendation & Tuning
Review the current database platform configuration in order to recommend any tuning and optimization adjustments that may be indicated.

Recommend techniques to improve performance, report significant trends, and alert you to any potential problems.

Recommend changes to the database platform configuration to optimize performance, and to establish a baseline for future tuning.

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