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HTA Wins Prime Award on Federal GSA Cybersecurity HACS SINs in all 5 Subcategories

January 20, 2022

Washington, DC, 2022 –HTA Technology Security Consulting (HTA), a national provider of Information Technology, Cybersecurity, and Strategic Staffing Solutions, announced it had been awarded the General Services Administration Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services – Special Item Number (54151HACS) GSA MAS Contract #47QTCA22D003L.

The Federal government awards the HACs SIN to cybersecurity-focused companies after a rigorous technical evaluation for the HACS SIN’s key subcategories, such as 1. High-Value Asset Assessments, 2. Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, 3. Cyber Hunt, 4. Incident Response, and 5. Penetration Testing has been passed. The HACS SIN provides federal agencies access to pre-vetted cybersecurity vendors that offer services to expand agencies’ capacity to test their high-priority information technology systems, rapidly address potential vulnerabilities, and preemptively stop cyber attackers from impacting agencies networks.

“HTA is a very credible prime contractor, able to provide high-quality cybersecurity services across the Federal Government,” said CEO Michelle Chaudry.  Ms. Chaudry sees this contract award as an excellent opportunity for HTA to increase its market share to provide cybersecurity services to several federal customers. The federal government will procure a more significant percentage of its cybersecurity requirements through this vehicle within the next five years. “This contract award falls directly in line with HTA’s mission to expand its reach in cybersecurity, supporting the federal government.”

Benefits of using HACS SIN include:

  1. Access to a pool of technically evaluated cybersecurity vendors
  2. Rapid ordering and deployment of services
  3. Reduction in open market ordering and contract duplication
  4. Cybersecurity/acquisition support resources from GSA.

About Us
HTA is a certified Woman-Owned, Small, Disadvantaged, Minority business with offices in Chicago, IL, and the Washington DC corridor. Our services include Infrastructure Design, Cybersecurity services such as Risk Vulnerability Assessments (RVA), Security Architecture Review (SAR), Systems Security Engineering (SSE), Risk Management Framework (RMF), Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCMAs), Federal Incident Response Evaluations (FIRES), Penetration Testing, Cyber Hunt, IV&V, Cloud Security, and Strategic Staffing Services.

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